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Allegiant by Veronica Roth


If you’ve read my post on Veronica’s Roth’s first two books of her Divergent trilogy, you’ll remember that I asked myself three questions at the end of the review. Those questions and answers were:

Are they worth reading? Yes.
Are they going to change your life? Probably not.
Will you still devour them rather quickly? Most likely.

So now, I’m going to answer those three questions again after having completed the trilogy by reading its conclusion, Allegiant. They are as follows:

Are they worth reading? No.
Are they going to change your life? Definitely not.
Will you still devour them rather quickly? I wouldn’t use the word devoured because that implies you’re reading them so fast because they’re good. That being said, you can probably finish them rather quickly, unless you get so annoyed with the last book that you just don’t care to finish.

Ouch, right?

Basically, I hated Allegiant. I hated it so much that I was annoyed I’d even taken the time to read the first two books along with it’s finale. And that’s saying a lot because there wasn’t a lot of wasted time considering they were still a fast read. So why did I dislike Allegiant so much? Basically: the two main issues that were touched upon in my Divergent/Insurgent blog post. Times 100. Along with a couple other annoyances that were specific to Allegiant.

Tightness of plot:
So wait, who are the bad guys again? Who is working for who? Who supplied what character with which controlling serum that causes people to fall under a trance and kill one another with no recollection?


I mean, I guess it all tied up, and it wasn’t that difficult to keep up with. But to be honest, I found a lot of it so frustrating and jumpy that I didn’t care to pay better attention.

Juvenile romance:
“I love you.” “I can’t look at you I’m so mad at you, but I still love you.” “We can’t be together.” “I can’t live without you.” “I can’t trust you.” “You have to trust me.” “WE LOVE EACH OTHER BUT WE CAN’T SEEM TO STOP SCREWING THIS RELATIONSHIP UP.”

While that was obviously ad-libbed, it’s not too far from a lot of the scenes that take place between Tris and Four in Allegiant. Now, I didn’t read Twilight so please do not take me an expert on them BUT it was hearing about the sappy (poorly written) romance in the book that led me to think I would get rather annoyed with them. And so I didn’t read them. After reading Allegiant, I had this thought that “oh maybe the romance in Twilight was written quite the same way.” Feel free to let me know just how wrong I am about Twilight though. Like I said, I didn’t read them so I’m not trying to claim what I’ve heard about the books as absolute fact. 

So those were the two points that started early on in the trilogy. They were starting to poke through the surface of the books to the point where they bothered me a bit. Then they really reared their ugly heads in the conclusion.

As mentioned earlier, there were two new, Allegiant-specific things that really bugged me. The first is that this book actually switches narratives and now moves between Tris and Four. Honestly, this threw me a bit considering this did not happen in either Divergent or InsurgentI found myself not paying attention to who was narrating a chapter, only to have one character-specific idea come up that would notify me that I wasn’t in Tris’ whiney head, I was now in Four’s. The second is the ending. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you the ending. But I will tell you I HATED IT. While I loathe to bring up The Hunger Games at all in comparison to these books anymore (they are no Hunger Games), I do know that some people had issues with its bitter-sweet ending. I actually loved that ending because I thought it only fitting for books so based on violence and corruption. I felt like Allegiant tried to do something similar and for me, it just pissed me off. I won’t say anything further, I promise.

So to sum things up, at the end of my Divergent/Insurgent post, I told you that they were worth reading but they could wait until Allegiant came out. Now, I take that back. Maybe you haven’t started reading the trilogy at all. To those people, I say don’t bother. Perhaps, however, you’ve already read books one and two. To you, I say read the plot summary and spare yourself Allegiant. And I’m willing to bet you’ll be annoyed with that ending too. 

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