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Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

Tigers in Red WeaterSet over a twenty year period spanning from just after World War II to the late 1960’s, Tigers in Red Weather is a wonderful debut novel from Liza Klaussmann.  The novel is separated into five sections, each narrated by a different main character: beautiful Nick, her cousin Helena, Helena’s son Ed, Nick’s daughter Daisy and husband Hughes.  All sections of the book intertwine and mainly revolve around summers spent at the family’s vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard named Tiger House.

There is a tone of suspense throughout the course of the novel, particularly because at each particular moment, you’re only getting one of the character’s perspective on what’s happening.  The characters in the book are far from perfect and make up an even less perfect family.  When Daisy and Ed find a young maid, murdered in the woods, the supsense only becomes more heightened.  It was particularly interesting to see each individual’s reaction to certain events because there is a large age gap between parts of the narration depending upon what section of the book you’re reading.

I particularly loved the way that Klaussmann described almost everything in the book.  I had no problem feeling as though I was a part of this world, enjoying cold gin drinks on hot summer nights in Martha’s Vineyard.  One particular sentence that I highlighted while reading was “Daisy could smell the fishing boats docked behind the Quarterdeck and she felt the breeze riffle her hair, making the down of her neck rise up.  Summer seemed to arrive at that moment, with its mysterious mixture of salt, cold flesh and fuel.” I felt as though I completely understood that almost eery moment when you know that it’s finally summer.  While a good feeling, there is something so unsure about it; you never knew what can happen in one summer.

Do yourself a favor and check out Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann.  Also, a special shout out to Allison over at her blog, The Book Wheel, for the suggestion! You commented on my blog a while back in September and I’d been meaning to read this ever since.  So happy that I did!