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What the what? Two posts in one day?  Have I gotten blog happy, you ask?  Well, no, actually (not that blogging doesn’t make me happy).  The reason I’m writing a second post today is because I’m actually leaving on vacation for an entire week of relaxed bliss on the Jersey Shore (no not THAT Jersey shore, I avoid that like the plague) and I really wanted to finish up Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. I plan on doing a lot of reading during my week of beach bumming and therefore, would really like to be caught up here.

And finally, at long last, we’ve come to book five, A Dance of With Dragons.  This fifth installment of this series was also the longest so far, coming in at 1040 pages.  It took me just under one month (28 days to be exact) to read this novel.  I think this was a combination of the fact that 1.) it was just longer than the other books and 2.) I really didn’t want to finish this.  I started to develop this sense of denial as I was reading that this couldn’t possibly be all I have left to read until Martin releases the next book.  Alas, this was actually the case.  Cue the imminent book hangover.

I continued using the handy highlighter feature on my nook going through A Dance with Dragons.  Looking back on my highlighting, almost everything I chose to make note of involved the characters use of the phrase “game of thrones.”  Now this is a phrase that Martin has used frequently throughout the course of all the books, but it seemed to me he really wanted to remind his readers of this concept more forcefully in this novel.  The chapters with Tyrion, in particular, frequently make note of the so-called “game of thrones.”  Personally, I think this is because Tyrion has yet to truly achieve the greatness that he’s meant for.  Being what I believe to be the most badass character of these novels, I see his role being far bigger than his physical height.

The biggest surprise of this book was (haven’t you learned not to read these posts if you haven’t read the books yet?) Theon lives!  And while he was a complete ass before, I found myself really pitying him because the punishment he suffered under the Bolton bastard is absolutely horrifying.  And the second biggest surprise of the novel is the crazy fact that Daenerys isn’t the only dragon heir.  There’s a new Targaryen on the block and he’s here to prove that he is the rightful heir to the throne.  These two plotlines really added a lot to this fifth book.  In prior books, there have been times where I haven’t enjoyed the newest plotlines as much (Iron Islands, e.g.) but I welcomed these surprises more than I expected myself to (especially considering my dislike for Theon previously).

Did I say that book three was my favorite in my Storm of Swords post?  Can I take that back.  No wait, I don’t take it back.  Or do I?  Basically this book was wonderful, although I think I’m going to stick with my prior declaration.  And it only furthered my need for book six to be released immediately.

After I finished reading and expressing my lost feelings, my “what on earth do I do with myself now that there’s no more Song of Ice and Fire to read?” dilemma, my cousin’s lovely wife shared this video with me.  And so, I am going to share it now with you to end my writings on this series.  Just click here to see my exact feelings portrayed through song in this great youtube video.  Write like the wind George R. R. Martin!