… a very good place to start

I’ve always loved reading, ever since I can remember.  When I was younger I used to bring a book with me where ever I went, and to this day not much has changed.  I loved reading so much that I majored in English and also French (a culture that is also another passion of mine) in college. Now, I’m a twenty-something bookworm living in New York City. 

I love all genres of books (really, I’m not picky) and I love talking about them which is where this blog comes in.   Forgive me if along the way, I decide to veer off from talking just about books, though. I recently decided to attack the Song of Ice and Fire series which is quite long, to say the least.  And so, the first few books I blog about will be those I’ve read in the past few months.

And so, here we go…